Mazda Rui-wing coupe spy photos will be available in mid-April Exposure

Published: 24th March 2010
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Rui wing is FAW Mazda was launched in March 2009 models, with a sporty streamlined appearance and precise handling to win the favor of consumers. In mid-April, 2.0L and 2.5L equipped with two kinds of power train of the Core-wing coupe model will be available for sale, the car's body color and sedan version of basically the same.
FAW Mazda Rui-wing, as a sports coupe model, which are highlighted in the overall design style of a fashion movement. Bold design and dynamic body lines from the front of the body has been extended to the A column, Eagle Eye-type headlights with no difference sedan version is very eye-catching.
Body appearance, the FAW Mazda Rui-wing coupe model uses a new type of flying wing-style front air grille, the front face bold, avant-garde. Also worth mentioning is that the Core-wing coupe-type front fog lamps innovative design, white border designed to provide pre-face structured and impressive.
Rui-wing coupe and sedan version of the main differences mainly in the tail design, while retaining the first-generation Mazda 6 sedan to run campaigns based on the elements of integration into an advanced sense of style elements. Hatchback-style tailgate open way, so that consumers can be more relaxed to take larger items, while the trunk open button design is no different with the Core-wing.
Rui-wing coupe design is more atmosphere, more mature, and perfectly suited to the use of a variety of formal occasions. Space in the car, Rui-wing coupe than the previous generation Mazda 6 Coupe wheelbase increased by 50mm, driving space is more generous. Outside the arch fender more visual tension, while the short rear make the car look more compact.
Mazda Rui-wing coupe is still using the 2.0L and 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, 2.5L engine, which can provide 124KW maximum power and 226Nm of maximum torque, matching a six-speed automated manual transmission. The 2.0L engine's maximum power up to 108Kw/6500rpm.
Old Style FAW Mazda 6 Coupe, with an outstanding dynamic performance and stylish looks to conquer the domestic consumers. In mid-April, the new Core-wing coupe will hit the market, this car is able to continue the previous generation model of the glory, let us wait and see.

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